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Makita 18V Cordless Drill Product Overview

The Makita 18v Cordless Drill is the favorite all around tool for homeowners, woodworkers, furniture makers and do-it-yourselfers. The fact that it is cordless makes it easy to carry around for any job. The 18 volt power makes it have enough strength for most work requirements. With technology advancing as it is today the Makita 18v Cordless Drill has been improved so much that its design has been made more compact and its weight made light enough to remain comfortable for the user, even with the extra power. This drill is useful for jobs up on the roof, in tight spaces, and on some outdoor construction where electricity can not be accessed. With the kind of power generated by the 18v battery, it is not confined to merely light drilling on just thin material. Now, a heavier gauge steel and thick lumber can be worked on. Power, convenience, and performance are what a Makita 18v Cordless Drill offers.

The features to enjoy in a Makita product are in Makita Corporation’s basic philosophy for tool manufacture and design. These include procuring the best high quality raw materials such as steels, copper wires and magnetic steels, its unique anti vibration technology for all its power tools, and using the most advanced technology available to ensure that all the products coming out of its factory, including the Makita 18v Cordless Drill, comes out powerful, best performing, and efficient. For its drills, there are features like its high torque twist power, the variable or two-speed transmissions, the different applications you can use such as drilling, driving or hammering, and its shift locking drive system that makes it quicker and easier to shift between these 3 modes. Add to these characteristics an ergonomic shape and energy efficiency.

Generally, a Makita 18v Cordless Drill is a tool that is used for making holes on a variety of materials. Wood and metal and concrete are some examples of these materials. Sometimes, drills can also be used for turning screwdrivers. They are very useful for basic home repair. In fact, a drill is one of the most common tools for general fixing around the house. Light woodworking jobs also find drills handy. Then there are the heavy construction jobs. These require bigger drills with more power than the usual home repair tool. The 18v drill straddles the middle ground of these jobs. Standard equipment comes together with a Makita 18v Cordless Drill. These are a tool belt clip and screw, a depth gauge, a slide handle, bit holder, and screwdriver bits, the battery and the charger, the plastic battery cover, and a tool case for easy storage. An automotive charger is an optional addition.

The Makita Corporation of Japan, makers of industrial power tools is most well known for its cordless drills and other cordless tools. It is, however, the manufacturers of a wide range of professional power tools aside from the Makita 18v Cordless Drill. These include disc sanders and orbit sanders, industrial blowers, circular saws and jigsaws, table saws and planers and miter saws, routers and trimmers and orbital sanders, die grinders and metalworking saws, pneumatic nailers and compressors, demolition hammers and even jobsite radios.

The Latest in Technology, the Makita 18v LXT

Well known for the production of professional power tools, and especially for their cordless tools, the Makita Corporation presents an extensive product line of drills and screwdrivers to its consumers. They also manufacture a range of woodworking and metalworking tools to help the handyman, the craftsman, the do-it-yourselfers, and the contractors and builders of various projects. Garden and household tools are also manufactured in Makita’s many factories around the world.

The latest in a long list of innovative products from this industrial tool company is the Makita 18v LXT. LXT is what they call the line of cordless power tools launched in early 2005. This uses the latest in the rechargeable battery technology. The Makita 18v LXT uses lithium ion for its batteries. The Li Ion moves between the cathode and the anode inside a battery to produce power for portable electronic tools. This new type of battery offers a good energy to weight ratio, making tools lightweight and yet power packed. The LXT batteries, unlike other types of NiCad and NiMH batteries, have no memory effect and therefore can be charged at once and at any time. There is no need to wait for the residual power to discharge. This can actually make the batteries last longer. The Makita 18v LXT has a really slow loss of charge, storing for up to two years on the shelf with power still in the batteries.

The Makita 18v LXT is definitely worth a try. Whether it’s a portable drill, a handsaw, a planer, or a jigsaw you might need, get the Makita 18v LXT cordless drill. They now have more power for less weight and an improved design. Handling these products are an easy task, since the Li Ion have incredibly more power with less than 40% of the weight of the regular NiMH or NiCd batteries. The other features are a memory chip that is built into the battery, so as to be able to communicate with its charger. It can send data about its usage history in this way; also there are other modern charging technologies inherent in the product that can control the current, the voltage and the temperature therein. This contributes to a long battery life for a Makita 18v LXT.

These properties are noticeably helpful in Makita’s cordless drills. Drills are the most used of the electric hand tools today. These tools are an aid for making holes on a variety of materials. Wood, metal, as well as concrete are some examples of materials that we might need to drill on. Sometimes, drills are also used for turning screwdrivers to help us easily imbed them. Basic repair around the home will surely need some drilling work. In fact, a drill is one of the most common tools nowadays for a do-it-yourselfer. Drills are also handy for light woodworking jobs like shelving, furniture making, framing and the like. The Makita 18v LXT cordless drill is sure to be a welcome addition to consumers of these products around the world and for years to come.

What a Makita 18V Battery Can Do

18v is the voltage most used in cordless power tools nowadays. The Makita Corporation is perfecting this technology with the Makita 18v battery. The tools that utilize a Makita 18v battery are the cordless driver drill, the cordless hammer driver drill, the cordless impact driver, the rotary hammer, the combi drill, the 3-speed drill driver, the ordinary speed drill driver, the angle drill, the impact wrench, the angle grinder, the auto-feed screwdriver, the metal cutting saw, the cordless circular saw, the jigsaw, the portable bandsaw, the metal shear, the stapler, the recipro saw, the cordless torch, the steel rebar cutter, and the 115mm chainsaw.

Back in the days of the 1st cordless power tools, a 7.2volt power was the norm. This was when all rechargeable batteries for cordless power tools were made with Nickel Cadmium, otherwise known as NiCad. When the Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH cell batteries were manufactured, these power sources for cordless tools made a unit a whole lot more compact and lightweight, not to mention safer for man and his environment. This is due to the elimination of cadmium. With the new technology, a battery’s voltage could now be increased without sacrificing design and comfort. So it was with the advent of the Lithium Ion or Li Ion or LXT battery cells. The new LXT cells have cut charging time significantly. More power could now be had for a lighter weight. The first 7.2volts could now be increased to 12v, then 14.4v, then 18v, and finally up to 24v.

Of all these, the Makita 18v battery seems to be the voltage of choice. The force it gives to cordless tools is ideal for a variety of applications. It can be strong enough, with more power for cordless tools to be able to handle the most common jobs. And yet the tools can still be lightweight enough to handle without undue strain. This solves a common problem with cordless tools in the past. The other battery choices available in Makita’s lineup are the Lithium Ion and the MAKSTAR Batteries. This is aside from the other voltages already mentioned like the 7.2v which was the perfect power voltage for light jobs, the increased power of 9.6v, the 12v, then the 14.4v, and finally the Makita 18v Battery.

All these alternative power sources for cordless power tools come with a charger. The Makita charger is an award winning one for energy efficiency. Its new technology has put a built in memory chip and a CPU into the unit. This has made the charger a smart one. It can read information on a Makita 18v cordless drill battery that is put in. The condition and history of usage of a battery is then recognized by this smart charger. A Makita 18v battery can have a longer life span because of all these innovations. The LXT models have an incredibly quick charging time of 22 minutes.

Now woodworkers, construction workers, carpenters, furniture makers, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers can benefit from all these new technological advancement from the Makita Corporation, world famous Japanese makers of quality industrial power tools.

Makita 18v LXT, a List of Qualities and the Tool’s Origins

LXT is international power tool manufacturer Makita Corporation’s line of Lithium Ion powered batteries. These innovative power cells are utilized on Makita 18v LXT cordless electric power tools such as driver drills, hammer drills, impact drivers, impact wrenches; auto feed screwdrivers, circular saws, jigsaws, metal cutters, percussion drills, portable band saws, disc and orbit sanders, angle grinders, concrete vibrators. Makita has other products aside from these tools mentioned here. They also produce and market other electric power tools, household tools, garden tools, air tools, and stationary woodworking machines.

The Lithium Ion used in the Makita 18v LXT cordless power tools are of the newest technology. The LXT Lithium Ion provides these tools with tremendous stamina. A lifetime work volume of 430% is achieved here, as opposed to the older technology of NiMH and NiCad battery cells that only can deliver up to 130% and 100% work volumes respectively. Purchasing a Makita 18v LXT cordless power tool automatically makes you the owner of two Makita 18v LXT batteries and a state of the art battery charger. This smart charger uses Makita technology for an optimum charging system. The system maximizes a tools cycle life and its work volume. This is not the traditional charging method of other battery packs. It is an improved system that includes a built in memory chip that can communicate with a battery to recognize its ID and its history of use. A battery’s condition can then be analyzed by the charger. This allows the battery and charger to work together to achieve maximum performance. One of the advantages of using a Makita 18v cordless drill model is that less time will be used for charging the power cells, as a quicker charging time of 22minutes is provided, as opposed to the NiCad and NiMH models which are about 4 hrs minimum. The charger has a specialized cooling system that allows a Makita 18v LXT battery to cool down from the inside.

All these technological innovations are in line with Makita Corporation’s policy of excellent design. Years of perfecting their methods have made Makita a very reliable industrial tool designer and manufacturer. The name itself is a guarantee for many power tool users such as woodworkers, contractors, craftsmen, do-it-yourselfers, and furniture makers. Makita’s history spans close to a century with its founding on 1915. The company was incorporated in 1938. It actually started out in Japan as a sale and repair shop for electric motors. They then expanded to the making and selling of electric planers. In 1969 they launched their first rechargeable power tool, the 6500D model of a battery powered drill. In 1978, they launched the first NiCad Nickel Cadmium battery tool, a 6010D model rechargeable drill. In 1997, the first NiMH nickel hydride battery tool, again a rechargeable driver drill, was exhibited at a hardware show. On February 2005, the 1st Lithium ion battery tool was launched. The tools are now used worldwide. Makita factories operate in about 9 countries. And so on and so forth. Therein is the timeline history of the Makita 18v LXT.

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