Thursday, January 8, 2009

What a Makita 18V Battery Can Do

18v is the voltage most used in cordless power tools nowadays. The Makita Corporation is perfecting this technology with the Makita 18v battery. The tools that utilize a Makita 18v battery are the cordless driver drill, the cordless hammer driver drill, the cordless impact driver, the rotary hammer, the combi drill, the 3-speed drill driver, the ordinary speed drill driver, the angle drill, the impact wrench, the angle grinder, the auto-feed screwdriver, the metal cutting saw, the cordless circular saw, the jigsaw, the portable bandsaw, the metal shear, the stapler, the recipro saw, the cordless torch, the steel rebar cutter, and the 115mm chainsaw.

Back in the days of the 1st cordless power tools, a 7.2volt power was the norm. This was when all rechargeable batteries for cordless power tools were made with Nickel Cadmium, otherwise known as NiCad. When the Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH cell batteries were manufactured, these power sources for cordless tools made a unit a whole lot more compact and lightweight, not to mention safer for man and his environment. This is due to the elimination of cadmium. With the new technology, a battery’s voltage could now be increased without sacrificing design and comfort. So it was with the advent of the Lithium Ion or Li Ion or LXT battery cells. The new LXT cells have cut charging time significantly. More power could now be had for a lighter weight. The first 7.2volts could now be increased to 12v, then 14.4v, then 18v, and finally up to 24v.

Of all these, the Makita 18v battery seems to be the voltage of choice. The force it gives to cordless tools is ideal for a variety of applications. It can be strong enough, with more power for cordless tools to be able to handle the most common jobs. And yet the tools can still be lightweight enough to handle without undue strain. This solves a common problem with cordless tools in the past. The other battery choices available in Makita’s lineup are the Lithium Ion and the MAKSTAR Batteries. This is aside from the other voltages already mentioned like the 7.2v which was the perfect power voltage for light jobs, the increased power of 9.6v, the 12v, then the 14.4v, and finally the Makita 18v Battery.

All these alternative power sources for cordless power tools come with a charger. The Makita charger is an award winning one for energy efficiency. Its new technology has put a built in memory chip and a CPU into the unit. This has made the charger a smart one. It can read information on a Makita 18v cordless drill battery that is put in. The condition and history of usage of a battery is then recognized by this smart charger. A Makita 18v battery can have a longer life span because of all these innovations. The LXT models have an incredibly quick charging time of 22 minutes.

Now woodworkers, construction workers, carpenters, furniture makers, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers can benefit from all these new technological advancement from the Makita Corporation, world famous Japanese makers of quality industrial power tools.

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